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Thrane Explorer 727 Vehicular BGAN Satellite Internet Terminal

The Thrane Explorer 727 Vehicular BGAN provides voice and broadband communications for your vehicle. Thrane EXPLORER 727 gives you access to Internet,E-mail,Fax, voice calls, video conferencing and streaming, and corporate servers. Simultaneous voice and 432 kbps data on the go.

Product Features
-Simultaneous voice and data communications over BGAN
-High-speed data transfer up to 432 kbps
-Seamless global coverage
-Support for streaming IP at 32, 64, 128 and 256 kbps
-Standard LAN, USB, Bluetooth, and phone/fax interfaces
-Secure voice/data connections
-Easy system setup and operation
-Lightweight, splash and dust proof design
-Robust, reliable and durable design
-Plug and play capability
Specs Product Specifications
-Terminal Size: 19’’ 1U rack-mountable casing, approx. 3kg/7lbs
-DC input, 10-32V, 70W
-Voice and data, Rx/Tx: 464kbps/448kbps (simultaneously)
-Control buttons, MMI display and LEDs
-System configuration via MMI, or by PC using the built-in web-server
-2-wire phone/fax (support of 1 phone from front or back panel)
-LAN and various I/O functions
-USB service interface
-Operating temperature:-25°C to +55°C/-13°F to +131°F
-Antenna:Fixed or magnetic mounting
-Operating temperature -25°C to +55°C/-13°F to +131°F
-Waterproof outdoor housing
-Antenna weight: Approx. 4kg/8lbs
Network Inmarsat (BGAN)
Brand Thrane